Malaysia visa Application: start your application here now

Malaysia visa application

In this article today, I am going to show you how to apply for the Malaysia visa as many people out there do not know much more on how to go about in the application process.. So stay on as give you all that you need to know about the Malaysia visa application and how to apply for it via this link.Before I proceed on, I will love to tell you little about the Malaysia nation or country.

Malaysia is a Muslim country where different people with different culture and believe visits for different purposes. Some  example of the reasons people travel to Malaysia are:

  1. for tourism
  2. business
  3. and work permit

Before you go for Malaysia visa application, you first of all must know that type of visa you would wan to require. Malaysia allows only few nationalities to visit it country. There are many countries who can obtain a Malaysia visa, some can obtain for 14 days, and some can also obtain for for 30 days and some for 90 days as well it just depends anyway..

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Malaysia visa Application Requirements

Talking about the Malaysia visas, there are two types of applications required for the Visa Application one is with reference and the other is without reference. And there are requirements for the both types of application process. Let’s look at them in turns below.

Malaysia visa Application with Reference

Visa with reference is needed for experts, students, and those who are seeking jobs. The Following are the requirements needed for the application with the references:

  • Authentic passport.
  • Original authorized letter from Immigration Department of Malaysia or another agencies
  • Two color photocopies of candidates passports and candidates application form “Form IMM.47”
  • Original + two photocopies of candidates air ticket
  • the Fee of the visa

Malaysia visa Application without Reference

Visa without reference is needed for the objective of social visit. And the Following are the requirements which are been needed for the application without reference section:

  • Candidate’s original passport
  • Two color photocopies of candidates passports and candidates application form “Form IMM.47”
  • Original confirmed and returned ticket of the candidates with its photocopies
  • Submission of traveler’s cheque or a bank statement
  • Candidate’s invitation letter if he/she received
  • he Fee of the visa

How to Apply Malaysia visa Application

First of all before applying for the visa a candidate must be sure about

the category of visa he/she applying for. Like for tourist visas, student visa, work permit visa or business visa. Candidate must prefer the proper and authorized consulate.

  1. Download the Malaysia application form Here. Then complete it properly and also attach your photograph.
  2. Affix all documents mentioned above with your application and complete it carefully as incomplete or irrelevant application is not welcome.
  3. After which you have completed the above requirement, submit your application with the payment of the visa.
  4. Check your application online from the link mentioned above.
  5. Gather your passport or wait for the delivery.
Note If you need us to help you with information at the right time about Malaysia visa Application, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address via the comment box below. Also, you are free to ask any questions and drop your complains via the comment box below.

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