Apostle Johnson Suleman Biography – History, Age and Contact Details –

Apostle Johnson Suleman Biography – History, Age and Contact Details –

Apostle Johnson Suleman—No doubt Apostle Johnson Suleman as it where is one of the most sought servant of God in Nigeria. The reasons are not farfetched at all. One of the basic reason has been the fact that he has an accuracy of prophecies.

So for those who do want to know much about Apostle Johnson Suleman, then you have come to the right place because we will be discussing all about Apostle Johnson Suleman a servant of God who is well exposed.

The question that always comes on many people’s mind would be “Who Is Apostle Johnson Suleman”?


If you have heard of Omega Fire Ministries International then you should have known him because he is the President and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International. Omega Fire Ministries International was actually founded in year 2004 via the leading of the Holy Spirit. According to God’s servant, his call was not an orchestration from men but a divine appointment from The Almighty God.

His divine call came in the format am going to describe now. Days after his birth, some prophets from came to pay his parents and the little prophets a visit which was also meant to deliver a message from God to the parents regarding the young prophet that was just born. Now when these men came to deliver their quest, the parents of the Apostle were angry and disappointed based on the fact that they where Muslims. Well, you won’t blame them because the Christian community and the Muslim world are two parallel lines that can never meet. The message was that a prophet that would minister in God’s presence to set the captive free has been given birth to.

As time went on, the young Johnson Suleman grew steadily fast as no one would ever imagine. The parents of the young Apostle became very watchful of their son who actually behaved strange to them. In fact he would do things which appear so much unusual to them. At this point, he became very dedicated to doing the things that will please God which actually got his parents confused. He would always go to the mosque with his father, though he knew that his destiny was not there but needed to keep his good boy show for his parents.

It was when he started his secondary schooling that he used the rare opportunity to share God’s Gospel around the school. His primary and secondary schooling were both in Auchi were he hails from.

At this point, Apostle Johnson would go out evangelizing to people and partake in church activities which were against his parents wish. After constantly studying the scriptures, On June 20, 1994, he finally made up his mind to into a full time ministry after carefully reading Acts 10:38

Sources close to God’s servant said that Apostle Johnson Suleman, received God’s divine mandate to clean the tears, bring back the destinies of many by the preaching of the divine and undiluted word of God, which will also bring into manifestation the power and reality of the Holy Spirit. “I AM SENDING YOU WITH AN OMEGA ANOINTING…”

Apostle Johnson Suleman served as an Assistant Pastor in the Armour of God Church located in Lagos, A church he joined in April 1998 . After a series of vision where God showed him the background of Omega Fire Ministries he finally obeyed God and founded the Omega Fire Ministries in 2004.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Family

He is blessed with five children, four girls and a boy. The youngest is a boy.

Educational Background

Apostle Johnson Suleman studied mass communication and he also has a Doctor of Philosophy in Human resource Development. He has written over twenty ministerial books since he started his ministry 2004.

Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman is married to Pastor Lizzy Suleman.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Contact Details

You can Contact Apostle Johnson Suleman via the following media

Online Contact Form: http://www.apostlesuleman.org/index.php/contact-us

Apostle Johnson Suleman Phone Numbers: 08101113333

Apostle Johnson Suleman Email Address: info@omegafireministriesng.org

Apostle Johnson Suleman Website: www.omegafireministriesng.org, http://www.omegafireministries.info/

Church Address/Location: KM 132 Benin-Okene, Abuja Express way, Auchi, Edo state.

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Apostle Johnson Suleman

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