How to Build Muscle ⇑ Rules to Build Muscle ⇑ Foods to Help You Gain Muscle

How to Build Muscle ⇑ Rules to Build Muscle ⇑ Foods to Help You Gain Muscle

One of the biggest mistakes made in muscle building today is going for training like a bodybuilder. Please know this today that many or most bodybuilders uses drug supplements but they will never disclose it to you for any reason and they as well rarely build their muscle size with the routines they do now. And if you observe very well, bodybuilding routines does not work for most persons.

Information I have provided below is what can perfectly work for you only if you follow the guidelines laid-down. In this article today, I will be disclosing to you all that you need to know about gaining muscle genuinely and very fast. I always tell my readers that the more strength you get, the better and more muscle. Also the heavier the weight you lift, the stronger your full body becomes and grows as well. “Strength is size” Eating for muscle is just as important as lifting for muscle and this simply means that the foods in which you grab in the morning before going to work or at your way to work, meals you pack for the day lunch and mid-noon, anything you digest into your system immediately following your workout, and your final meal of the day impact your results as much as, if not more than, the number of reps you squeezed out at the end of set. It is true that these conditions can be really difficult to keep and maintain “clean” diet when you are strictly busy. Even as well know that placing an additional complexity to life in the form of reading foods label is not just easy for most people not to talk of preparing all those healthy meals. In other for you to achieve better results when training for muscle, you must use the below list as your guidelines so as to get optimum result. Be aware that Rebuilding muscle tissue which is been broken down as a result of training requires energy.

1.       Get Stronger
2.       Add Weight
3.       Do Compounds
4.       Use Barbells
5.       Increase Frequency
6.       Recover
7.       Eat More
8.       Eat plenty of Protein

From my point (1) above, according to research I have made the best bodybuilders that have ever existed were known to be strong! They had the mentality that the more your strength the more and better your muscle. So this one of the key thing you have to first of all consider when going for muscle building… From my point (2) above, you need to add weight! Like I tell my readers, adding weight is not by getting it from the bar or from junky foods but try as much to lift more than what you lifted the last time at the gym. So be informed that increasing the number of lift today compared to that of yesterday is a good way and sign of you paving your way to gain muscle Talking about point (3) above, doing compounds. What I really expected you bro to do is doing exercises that works for several muscles at the same time. This will help you to be able to lift heavier weights so as to help trigger better muscle growth. Your routine should focus on heavy~~~~

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·         Squats
·         Bench
·         Dead-lifts
·         Overhead Presses and
·         Barbell Rows.

From the point (4) above, the use of barbells is very necessary… Lifting of heavier weights with the use of barbells is far better than any other tool you can ever think of. And you can as well balance the weight yourself. the use of barbells brings about more muscles and as well triggers more growth too. NOTE: you have to ensure all safety measures to avoid injuries simply by using it properly. My point (4) talks about increase in frequency and I believe this is self-explanatory to most readers. This is simply engaging yourself more often in your training routine, the more you trigger it to grow more and faster as well. The more you engage yourself in exercises, the quicker also your technique improves. My sixth (6) point talks about recovering… be informed that your muscles need rest so as to recover from your workouts to help it grow stronger and bigger. Most time, over stressed muscles without recovery period during the course of training leads to internal injury or dislocation. Take 3 to 4 rest days a week. Remember that one essential technique to Help your muscles recover is by simply getting plenty of food, water and as well enough sleep. Talking about point (8), do you know and agree with me that your body uses food to fuel workout, and as well recover your muscle body? The truth is that your muscles can’t grow and recover back it strength if you do not give the body good food….

From observation, most guys need at least 3000kcal/day to build good muscle. And while Skinny guys with high metabolisms need even more to gain weight. The final point on my list which is frequent eating of protein… your body system uses protein to build new and better muscles. Protein is important for mass gains because it is the only nutrient that is capable of stimulating muscle growth. Try as much as possible to consume up to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily. Eating every three hours will help ensure you are absorbing and assimilating enough protein to support muscle growth in your body system… i hope this article help you… please do ensure to share this publication via the social media with your friends using the social media share button icon below. you can as well bookmark our page for trending articles like this.

How to Build Muscle ⇑ Foods & Rules to Help You Gain Muscle

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