DSS Recruitment Free Past Questions & Answers ⇑ Study DSS Past Questions Online Here

DSS Recruitment Free Past Questions & Answers ⇑ Study DSS Past Questions Online Here

You are highly welcome to the sunnews portal where you get the latest news in the planet. If you recall, this publication is all about the DSS recruitment past questions and answers which you can simply download the file here online with ease. Make sure you study this past questions and answers very well which will definitely help you to stand-out among your equals and emerges you as one of the best in the examination that will be written very soon.

This up to date DSS examination past questions and answers for the SSS/DSS exams will help you to study for your forth coming exam which will be held in no time from now. And I assure you this is going to help you through so as to get an edge over others who took the form too and may not be preparing for the exam with the DSS recruitment past questions and answers 2018/2019


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Be informed that we the sunnews.us have provided you with the legitimate DSS/SSS recruitment past5 questions and answers for you to study for free without requesting a penny from you and because of this reason, the DSS recruitment past questions and answers is being updated on our website every now and then which you will study and prepare you effectively for the upcoming examination.

Note that the state security service management are too busy to set for you fresh questions for the forth coming examination of the SSS/DSS. So hence, they love repeating old questions instead of setting a fresh question for you. in addition to this, our past questions and answers teams have put together possible questions you will see on that day of your exam just click to view or download here now.

We at SunNews have compiled few of the past questions and also likely questions for this year’s aptitude test. And we know how much our readers and visitors as well need this questions and answers so therefore we have brought them to you FREE OF CHARGE here now.

Sample Past Questions and answers of the DSS Recruitment (Current Affairs)

  1. The current National Security Adviser is _________ (A) Mr. Ekpeyong (B) Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi (C) Sambo Dasuki (D) Ismai Muhammed
  2. The Department of Security Service (DSS) was formed on (A) 3 July 1990 (B) 15 June 1988 (C) 15 July 1985 (D) 5 June 1886
  3. SSS is under which agency? (A) Ministry of Interior (B) Ministry of Security service (C) Ministry of Defense (D) National Security Organization
  4. The State Security Service is also known as _____________(A)Department of Security Service (B) Ministry of Defense Service (C) State Defense (D) National Defense service
  5. The main Duty of SSS to protect? (A)President and His Family (B) Governor and his Family (C) Senior Government Officials (D) All people in the State
  6. NSO was created under the Regime of? (A)General Ibrahim Babangida (B) Olusegun Obasajo (C) General Sani Abacha (D) General Muritala Mohammed
  7. The First Director General of NSO is? (A)Colonel Abdullahi Mohammed      (C) Ita  Ekpeyong        (C)  Umaru Shinkafi (D) Ambassador Kazeem Lawal
  8. The present Director General of DSS is? (A)Colonel Kayode Are    (B) Afakriya Gadzama    (C) Ita Ekpeyong   (D) General Sani Abacha


1C 2D 3D 4A 5C 6B 7A 8C

DSS Recruitment Past Questions and answers (ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

Choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentence. (1-29)

  1. One of his greatest achievements_________________ the restoration of order and stability to the company A. was B. Were C. have been D. Are
  2. If I had heard this earlier, I ______________________ given him the job A. would not have B. would have not C. will not have D. will have not
  3. Mr. Smith had worked here before leaving for the UK_________________ ? A. isn’t it B. wasn’t it C. didn’t he D. hadn’t he
  4. Who saw the accused ___________________ the purse from the complainant’s handbag? A. take B. took C. taken D. takes
  5. _______________ bring a better of authority before the can collect the money? A. needs he B. need he C. he needs D. does he need

1A 2B 3D 4A 5B

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Please be informed that this post is written to disclose to you the DSS Recruitment Past Questions and answers and serve as a guide to inform you all on how to apply for sss in Nigeria and also a detailed analysis of the sss meaning and function. Please note this that there is only one dsss portal & you should ensure to disregard any false information asking you to pay some ransom so as to help you get the Job by making any form of payment please Beware of Scammers.

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