7 Foods Damaging Your Kidneys Which You Consume Daily ⇑ Check Now

7 Foods Damaging Your Kidneys Which You Consume Daily ⇑ Check Them Now

7 Foods Damaging Your Kidneys →Are you aware that the diet you take really affects the health of your kidney? Most especially if you suffer from kidney disease. Or perhaps you don’t even think about your kidneys very much as the case may be. For those of us who practice yoga, your instructor might say something like, “Breathe into your kidneys,” and you have no idea what they are talking about! Or why they ask you to do so.

In this publication today, I will be revealing to you all that you need to know about the 7 Foods Damaging Your Kidneys which you don’t know and probably you still eat them till date and I will also disclose to you how you can avoid it before it gets out of hand. Remember if you are informed, you can never be deformed…

Well, your both kidneys are workhorses that play a very important role in your body. Which are both Located just below your rib cage on either side of your spine; your kidneys are about the size of your fists as well too and this was According to the National Institutes of Health.

The kidneys perform many important jobs in body. They actually regulate the amount of fluid in your body, for instance:

  1. They help control your blood pressure
  2. Your kidneys also filter protein and minerals from your blood

Unhealthy kidneys do a poor job of filtering your blood, causing protein & minerals to build up in your body system. The organs filter more than two hundred (200) quarts of blood daily, and filtering around two (2) quarts of waste products! From the kidney, waste products and water filter to the bladder, and you excrete it as urine.

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Controlling your blood pressure and blood sugar levels will help your kidneys stay very healthy and can prevent any form of kidney disease from worsening. Try as much as possible to Change your diet by avoiding or limiting some certain foods, this has also proven to help protect your kidneys from further damage. Limit those foods that contain large amounts of saturated fat, protein and certain minerals, including sodium, potassium and phosphorus

Unfortunately, many foods can harm your kidneys and keep them from functioning at optimal levels. Here are the top seven I have listed for you below here.

Avoid These Seven Foods for Optimal Kidney Health

1.     Red meat

Are you aware that Red meat contains a large quantity of protein?.  Even when your body needs some protein to grow, heal and stay healthy, too much protein makes your kidneys work harder. be informed so you avoid it.

2.     Butter

Butter contains saturated fat, which increases the risk for heart failure or heart-disease. The N. K.F notes that heart disease is a major risk factor for kidney disease and vice versa. Consume less butter, lard and shortening to reduce your intake of saturated fat and lower your risk for heart and kidney disease.

3.     Peanuts

Peanuts contain oxalates, which is a type of mineral found in kidney stones. In fact, calcium oxalate kidney stones are the leading type of kidney stones, so you are highly advice to limiting your intake of food that contains oxalates can reduce your risk for developing another stone.

4.     Canned vegetables

While vegetables are very good for you, canned vegetables usually contain a large amount of sodium. and too much intake of sodium in your system makes it difficult for your kidneys to remove excess fluid from your bloodstream. Switch to fresh or frozen vegetables whenever possible; otherwise, rinse canned vegetables very well with water before you cook them for consumption.

5.     Processed meats

Processed meats contain a significant amount of sodium and protein, both of which are hard on your kidneys. Switch to lean cuts of whole meats.

6.     Avocados

Avocados contain potassium, a mineral that controls nerve and muscle function. Potassium helps your heart maintain a regular rhythm and is necessary for controlling fluids, electrolyte balance and pH level. 7 Foods Damaging Your Kidneys

Excess potassium in the blood, a condition known as hyperkalemia, often occurs in people with advanced stages of kidney disease. Signs and symptoms of hyperkalemia include nausea, weakness, numbness and a slow heart rate.

7.     Organ meat

Liver and other organs meats have high concentrations of purine. Excess purine stimulates the production of uric acid, which settles into your joints in the form of crystals or into your kidneys as kidney stones.

I do hope this publication about the Foods that can Damage Your Kidneys which you do not know. Please do not hesitate to use the comment box below to ask your questions and make comments regarding to the topic 7 Foods Damaging Your Kidneys

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