5 Daily habits that are ruining your vag1nal health ⇑ A Must Read for Ladies

5 Daily habits that are ruining your vag1nal health ⇑ A Must Read for Ladies

Are you one of those beautiful Girls out there who pay attention to their vag1na as much as their skin and hair? If you are not, then you surely need to read this. as it will help your special lady part healthily.

Is it possible to be wrong to say that your total happiness along with other activities in your life depends a lot on how happy your vag1na is? Of cos it is a capital YES! believe me bae that an un-happy vag1na can totally ruins and tarnish your day for real. But how many numbers of us do really take time to take proper and complete care of it? Or how often do you pay heed to this very special lady part of yours? I am sure by now you can’t even remember when last you did anything to specially maintain a healthy vag1na.

Hello beautiful ladies, you got all the time in the world to spend hours in beauty salons to get that perfect manicure neither you mind spending a lot on your hair care and as well beauty products & hair spas including so many other things which is not mentioned here to make your hair and skin look amazing, but when it comes to the aspect of your vag!nal health, you become too lazy and act so carelessly. Oh bae that do Not sound cool at all.

You can always bank your vag!na when it comes to your pleasure { I believe you know what I mean here right}, beside it experiences bleeding five {5} days every each month, now don’t you think all of these makes ur special lady part need some extra care & attention & as well  doesn’t deserve to be ignored at all for no reason?

While many of us fails to gives maximum attention to this part, to be sincere with you reader, almost all of us are guilty of doing some random things that can actually mess with the health of your vag1naa. Let give you an example here. Some girls/women are fond of wearing too tight underwear. Now if you have ever worn really tight underwear or maybe you are even wearing one now, you will agree with me that it does not only make you feel uncomfortable but it also makes things worse down there! In addition, the way you wipe down that end can also be one of the reasons that brings about harm to your genitals.

The 5 biggest enemies ruining your vag!nal health

Below i have laid down the 5 biggest enemies ruining your vag1nna health which you are advice to carefully read through so as to help you avoid your mistakes.

1. Your tight thong is making your special part uncomfortable

Yes, it is true that tiny thongs look sexy but are they really good for your special part? Well, the answer is no, tight panties can result in chafing of the skin and may also irritate your vag1na. MOREOVER, when you get sweat down there, your underwear becomes a dream home for bacteria and yeast. It also increases your chances of getting infection very quick as possible.

2. You have probably been wiping in the wrong direction

Never given much thought to it? Well, you may want to do that now onward as the way you clean your butts can really affect your vag!nal health. So, if you’re in the habit of wiping from back to front direction, then you are getting it wrong and you need to stop. Wiping it from back to the front invites bacteria from the rectum to transfer to the tissues and then to your vag1na.  TAKE NOTE: don’t ever use the same tissue to clean your butt & vagina.

  1. You not using good detergent for your delicate

Just the same way you cannot wash your expensive dress with any kind of random detergent, so also you got to be careful when it comes to washing your delicate as well too. Your undergarments have a lot of sweat and bacteria, Thus, it is very important to wash them with the right detergent so as to help you to eliminate the junk hanging around in them.  Use a hypoallergenic powder to wash them–it will not only make your panties whiny clean but it will also eliminate the presence of any annoying bacteria in it.

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4. You keep sitting for too long

You may have heard taking frequent breaks during work is important for your mental health, but then again when you keep sitting for long hours, your genital area heats up due to lack of air flow in your lower part, which leads to more moisture. Now, when this heat is coupled with friction, it then causes bacteria to grow within. Besides, this may also irritate your skin down there too. Just keep getting up after every few hours to stretch your muscles and allow airflow in.

5. Leaving your special part bushy

Your special part down there like said earlier supposed to be kept clean regularly. so for some persons who ends up feeling lazy to have a nice shave of the skin there then i belt you are also giving way to bacteria to have its way and beside that it causes offensive smells when not kept clean.

I hope this article help you very well and enlighten you more on how to keep the health of your body constant… please do ensure to share this publication with your friends on Facebook by simply using the sharing icon below to share with your friends so as to get them informed too of this information. don’t also forget you can drop your comment at any time at the comment box below. THANK YOU!

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