Medical Doctors Salary Structure: How Much Medical Doctors Earn in Nigeria?

Medical Doctors Salary Structure: How Much Do Medical Doctors Earn in Nigeria?

Most student studying medicine in the tertiary level do not even have the idea of how much they will be paid if they graduate from school and becomes a medical doctor. There are some whom their ambition is to study pure medicine or medicine and surgery but still contemplating what would be the salary structure of the medical doctors.

There are news all over in Nigerian that medical doctors earn big… some says they regarded as big boys or big shot!!! How much are they paid or what is their salary range…and the end of the day they start doing guess work. Lols. And that in returns put you in a state of confusion.

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In other to clear that doubt we the have decided to go on research and bring the salary structure of medical doctors in Nigeria today…. even as you can also apply for scholarships in any of the schools here to study medicine at a higher level overseas.

The medical profession is one of the notable and undisputed profession all over the world. Nigeria, the populous black nation in the world has over the years, produced the best minds in the field of medicine. The dignity behind been a professional medical doctor is perhaps the reason most science students go an extreme end so as to make sure tertiaries gets them admitted into medical school or departments.

The professional kind of training been received by these medical students at medical schools is not an easy thing as you think it or imagine. The reason is because it requires several years just to put together all that has been learnt so as to bring about perfection. (though humans are not perfect but God is) and in addition, because human life is very important and at the mercy of the medical doctors should one get sick and require treatment.

Facilitators ensure that these life savers are thoroughly prepared to face the most challenging of tasks ahead. Having said all these, the question now is how much does a medical doctor earn in Nigeria?

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to the amount (salary) received by a medical doctor in Nigeria monthly and such factor may include the experience he or she has obtained or gain as a doctor and as where the sector in which you have rendered service (public or private).

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In Private owned hospitals, Medical doctors do not earn the same amount as those in the public hospitals. In the private hospitals, doctors receive as low as eighty thousand naira only (Ꞥ80,000) though this stated amount could also be higher depending on the location, case load and experience of the doctor. In order to earn more, most doctors who work for private hospitals shuttle between two or three jobs, doing shifts from one hospital or clinic to another.

In private owned hospitals, many attempts have been made to regulate the salaries of doctors and the latest is the Consolidated Medical Salary Scale – CONMESS. However, challenges still came up with implementations and there are still disparities in what is paid in federal hospitals when compared to some state-owned hospitals.

salary for federal government Medical doctors

the starting salary monthly payment for government medical doctors Is between on hundred and ninety-five thousand ((Ꞥ195,000) to Two hundred and twenty thousand naira ((Ꞥ220,000) only. This stated amount is excluding tax and other deductions. while some are as follows below:

  • Medical officers: N180, 000 – N500,000
  • Resident Doctors: N190, 000 – N280, 000
  • Consultants: N700, 000 – N800, 000

salary structure for state doctors

the entry salary level for state doctors varies though depending on the state. Some states pay their medical doctors the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand naira (Ꞥ150,000). While the highest you can find in state level is around the sum of two hundred and forty thousand naira (Ꞥ240,000) only. while some are as follows below:

  • Medical Officers: N60,000 – N150,000
  • Resident Doctors: N120, 000 – N250, 000
  • Consultants: N400, 000 – N600, 000

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the salary a doctor earns also increases considerably with time based on experience and as well specialty. But the truth is that, those who earns more are the senior doctors and consultants. From our research, most of them even earn as much as eight hundred thousand naira (Ꞥ800,000) only per month. And this implies that, government doctors are paid higher than their colleagues in the private sector.

NYSC Doctors’ Salary in Nigeria

Medical doctors are expected to go for the compulsory National Youth Service Corps scheme after their house job. Here, medical doctors are posted to local hospitals or teaching hospitals with the state they are deployed. Just like during house job, the stipend medical doctors receive vary heavily and depends on some factors including the location, the state and whether the hospital is Federal, State owned or private. On the average, hospitals pay medical doctors between N50, 000 – N150, 000 during NYSC

It is worthy of note that the lack of proper funding and good pay package for our doctors has led to a situation where other countries are poaching on us and recruiting our doctors leading to brain drain. The best hospitals in Nigeria cannot be compared with their counterparts in many foreign countries. No wonder wealthy individuals prefer to fly their families abroad for medical attention even at the simplest complains of a headache.

I hope this publication finds you well or do you feel the figures stated above are contrary to what is obtainable in Nigeria today, do you want to air-out your point of views about this? Just Feel free to use the comments box section below share your views here.

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