I Used Sperm For Pimple Treatment And It Worked

See How I used sperm for pimple treatment and it actually worked ⇑ A $ex Therapist Says As She Shares Photos To Prove It

I am sure you must be surprised at how sperm will actually be used for the treatment of pimple. You don’t have to be shock yet as we have got the complete story in here. just sit and relax yourself as you get the alternative of pimple treatment that best work for you shared by a $ex Therapist. “I used sperm for pimple treatment and it actually worked” – This is said by a Nigerian $ex Therapist who even shared the above Photos to Prove it.

A Nigerian $ex therapist, with the name, Amanda Thomas on Facebook, has said that she hates to break and disclose it to the world but using male semen to treat pimples actually works, cause she’s a testimony and a testifier.

Amanda Thomas took this information to Facebook and shares how actually it was an accident to use male sperm for pimple treatment, how she got semen on her face but hey! disappointments could be blessings eh? She said at that moment she’d remembered some of the effects male semen could possibly possess and so she did trial and error on herself.

The result eventually came out good for her and she decided to share this great experiment. She wrote!

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I actually used SPERM for pimple treatment, and am slightly disgusted to report that it actually worked perfectly for me!

Yes, my fellow ladies! your man/boyfriend can indeed maximally help you to have golden and glowing face. It may sound weird and disgusting but trust me when I say it works it really does and it’s the best because i gave a try.

Sperm is good for skin care. Proteins and other nutrients rich in sperm can help for a flawless facial treatment which will amaze you to how it is actually working for real.

My mama used to tell me, “You don’t need a man to be beautiful,” but that belief was dangerously threatened recently. I won’t go into the details much (trust me, it was more awkward than S€xy), but whether it was a lack of communication or an accident, I ended up covered in sperm — and I was pretty pissed off about it. Then, I remembered my research and snagged some of the sperm we were both covered in to put on the pimples on my face.

The next day… I woke up minus pimples!!! Honestly, I had no intention of putting sperm on my pimple before the i did. Let’s just say it was a Bl0wj0b gone wrong with my spiritual husband, that I ended up benefiting from, yenking?
So next time you make love, try save up some sperm and apply on your face, make sure to thank me later. on this great and working experiment I have just shared with you!

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