Quickteller: buy airtime, make payments and send money

Quickteller: the easiest way to buy airtime, make payments and send money

The use of quickteller in Nigeria has improved in technology, as for those who want to transfer or send money from their account to another do not have to leave their various homes. The one way you can transfer money from one person’s account to another is the quickteller

portal and you have to own an account with quickteller, in doing so you should visit www.quickteller.com and create an account with quickteller before you can transfer money on quickteller.

This means of transferring money on quickteller, is fast and reliable and to transfer money on the portal you are  to provide the following information. Your ATM card, Mobile Phone, account number. when you have those information you will be able to make the transfer from the comfort of your home or your bed.

Steps To Create the Quickteller Account www.qiuckteller.com

Before one should be able to make transfer on quickteller, or buy an airtime on quickteller, one should first have an account with quickteller and the way you should have an account with quickteller; is what i will be sharing to you in few lines, and i believe you will listen to me carefully and have a great understanding on how you can create an account with quickteller.

  1.  Visit the portal of quickteller www.quickteller.com
  2. Click on register and that the registration page
  3. Email: Fill in your valid email address, and this email is what you will be using to login to your account
  4. First Name: this is where you put in your name
  5. Last Name: this is another word for surname, that this point you are expected to write in your fathers’ name.
  6. Phone Number: at this point your are to put in your phone number
  7. Password: in this box you are to choose your password, a 8 letters that is unique to you an also known by you.
  8. Who Referred You: This is where you tell them who told you about the portal. www.qiuckteller.com
  9. Then finally you are to click on sign up
    Once the above steps are done, you now have a quickteller account. you can see quickteller download

One do not need to fund the account, the quickteller is not fund-able account, so the account is run base on what you are doing at a particular time and you are expected to note that the official portal is www.quickteller.com

How to Use Quickteller to Send Money

Right now i will be explaining to you how you can use quickteller to make transfer from the comfort of your home. what i have explained to you is how you can register for quickteller and have the quickteller account and now, i am telling how you can make a transfer using quickteller to send money on www.quickteller.com
* That the right corner you should click on “Fund Transfer”
* Next you are to click on “Transfer to Account”
* You are to choose on the “Destination Bank”, this means the Bank where the money you are trying to transfer is going.
* Account Number: this is where you type in the account number of the person you are transferring the money to.
* Account Type: at this point you are to choose if it is a savings account or not
* Beneficiary Name: this is where you write the name of the account. that is the account name
* Amount: in this point you are to choose the mount you are sending to the other fellow.
* Confirmation Page: this is here you confirm payment, to make sure you are sending what you have in mind. to preview before you pay.

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NOTE: the confirmation page have convenience fee and it is N100, this money will be debited from your account and it is called the charge fee

* Click on Transfer
once that is one it takes you to the webpay portal where you are to fill in your ATM Card
* Select Your Card Type: this is where you choose your ATM Card types, either Master Card or Verve
* Card Number: this is the long digit number in the front of your card. a digit you should kept safe
* Expiry Date: this point you are to put in your valid date on the ATM Card. The month and year
* CVV2, this is the last 3 digit on your verve card, and for the master Card the only 3 digit on at the back of the Card
* Card Pin: this is where you are expected to put in your card pin. and it is 4 digit.
* the you are t click on “Pay”
After that is done, quickteller will send you a safe token. and that token is a 7 digit for master card and 6 digit for verve card. put the number in the box provided for you.
* finally click on continue
once that is done the money will be transfer from your account to the person’s account. NOTE if you are using GTB, you are to bring out you token and press the random number on that token is your safe token at that time. Also input it in the token box and click on continue. quickteller transfer

if you encounter any form of the difficulties, you can as well contact the quickteller customer care quickteller login | quickteller | quickteller agent

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