Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria and their net worth ⇑ Updated List

Top 10 Richest Fuji Musician in Nigeria and their net worth ⇑ Updated List Here

Richest Fuji Musician Top 10⇒Hello guys welcome to another top gist of today publication and which is the top 10 richest Nigerian musician for the year… I have really come across this topic on argument fans trying to figure out who and who are actually on the top 10 list

of the Nigerian fuji musicians today. Well this where I decided to make a concrete research on fuji musicians in Nigerian and their net worth. So just seat back and relax as I bring you the top 10 fuji musicians alongside with their net worth in this publication of fuji music.

Dear reader, fuji music has really gain a highly great fame today in the Nigerian music industry. If you actually recall it started as the complex of Islamic music and apala style. And progressively with time, it has then changed a bit and now as I write this article, its element might be used in many other different genres.

There are verities of prominent musicians in this sphere and each of them is greatly unique. As we all know, there are some that who are popularly known in their own state or regions and there are others who have become known globally in different countries and regions. Some of them performance is targeted at the younger generation while some are targeted towards the older generations.

Well, the fact is that these type of performances has actually impacted and influences on great amount of people of all age level. And it also keeps developing every single day. Music is a very a very important aspect in our various life with different roles it plays too. We can actually listen to music while driving back home from our various working place, while we are sitting in a stationary position (at home, at work, etc., it can also be listen to while working or taking a strew on the street and so on. Music was also popular during the ancient times and it has remained relevant in nowadays. You may probably know that very particular genres and as well styles which gain success in a particular time period. So therefore, fuji is one of the most famous and unforgettable ones in great Nigerian today.

And many persons are really eager to know about the top 10 Fuji musicians. just like I said earlier how i was been caught up in an argument on who is the richest fuji musician and on that seen some of them passionately wonders who could be the richest between the Pasuma and Saheed Osupa so this overtime prolonged argument gave me the necessity to go on research and I have come up with these legitimate compiled list of the top 10 richest fuji musicians in Nigeria this year.

During the course of compiling the list of the richest Nigerian musicians, we the Sunnews use some parameter to decide who among these fuji musicians made it to the top 10 list of the richest fuji musician… so below are the five laid down parameter used to rate the top ten richest fuji musician:

  1. Media reports
  2. Sales on iTunes
  3. Income from shows and tours
  4. Endorsement deals
  5. Artist having his/her own label or signed to a label


NAME OF ARTIST                              NETWORTH

  1. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal                     N750 Million
  2. Abass Akande Obesere                   N500 Million
  3. Pasuma Wonder                             N455 Million
  4. Saheed Osupa                                N450 Million
  5. Adewale Ayuba                              N400 Million
  6. Sule Alao Malaika                          N300 Million
  7. Shefiu Alao                                    N200 Million
  8. Muri Thunder                                N100 Million
  9. Taiye Currency                              N85   Million
  10. Remi Aluko                                   N55   Million

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Yes the above list are the names of the top richest Nigeria musicians and their net-worth.. we shall now begin look at their profiles in turns.

WASIU AYINDE MARSHAL: who is also referred to as Kwam1 is probably one among the oldest and as well the most experienced musician when it comes to fuji. Wasiu ayinde who has taken his abilities under tutelage of Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. From out drop down parameters used to rate this top ten richest musician he came up on the number one position of the top 10 with a networth of N750 Million. Which regarded as the richest fuji musician in Nigeria today. From research, wasiu ayinde was the first fuji musician to be invited to star-up a movie each decade he releases at least two hit in his album shoot. This richest fuji musician is not only famous in Nigerian but also far beyond in countries like United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, and also, United State of America (USA) etc

Abass Akande Obesere: Came second position on our top 10. Obesre who is often called “the wittiest of all” He’s greatly popular for the daring act and as well his controversial status. He once putting on a female attires his kind of fuji music is known to be different from the other fuji music performers with a networth of N500 Million.

Pasuma Wonder: whose full name is Wasiu Ajibola Alabi. Pasuma gained success in the fuji music industry very fast and came third position in our top 10 of the richest fuji musicians. From our research, his first album was sold within just three months which was a boom. Unlike many others in the industry. He also cooperated with top musicians to gain access to the top of the fuji roof which help him to become extremely popular. Nowadays he still remains famous and as well popular and looking forward to be one of the leading performer of the genre. Pasuma has a net worth of  N455 Million.

Saheed Osupa: Mr Saheed is considered to be a controversial fuji musician because the fame landed on him after his third album. And it is necessary to say that his name will definitely stay in the history of the genre. He was once called The king of music  by Sikiru Ayinde Barrister by Gods grace he is one of the leaders in the Nigerian fuji music industry with a networth of  N450 Million.

Adewale Ayuba: Has a total networth of N400 Million

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Sule Alao Malaika: This is one another top Nigeria richest fuji musician popularly called malaika. Many hip-hop artist performers have adopted his kind of hits. He got plenty of fans and as well followers on social media all over the globe. He got a total networth of N300 Million.

Shefiu Alao: who is also popularly called the king of Ogun state as he got a lot of fans from that region of the country.. Moreover, there exists a musical palace in the center of Abeokuta. This great and popular singer called himself Omo-Oko and which strictly means “the local boy” however, his talent and effort have made him prominent and as well unique in the industry. From our rating he has a total networth of N200 Million

Muri Thunder: Came number eight position of the top 10 richest fuji musician in Nigerian. Muri thunder as he is popularly called by fans came from slums. Just as many other talented artists in the industry, he has made fame and as well respect. From our re3search , he got a networth total of  N100 Million

Taiye Currency: He is one among the famous performers in Oyo state and Ibadan. Taiye has large number of fans and followers. This famous singer has remained popular for more than 10 good years. Some says there is nothing extraordinary in his kind of music. So he has however, been able to keep up with his time and stay committed with his fans and audience. He got a networth of  N85   Million

Remi Aluko: Who is also popularly known as Ajele has an interesting part as been born as a Christian Well, he still manage to make a name for himself in the sphere of fuji music. So this has made him one of the leading stars. Though his songs aren’t point out as the best among others but they still attract lots of followers and fans. He got a total networth of N55 Millio.

I do hope this publication about the top 10 richest fuji musician finds you well if so please do kindly use the comment box below to share your questions and idea… we will also be glad if you take some seconds to also share this publication with your friends on social media by using any of the social media sharing button below here…. Thank you

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