Richest Gospel Musicians In Nigeria 2018/2019 and Net Worth

Sometime ago in one of our publications, we discussed about the top richest kings in Nigeria, but today we are going to give it different dimension as we will be focusing on the religious scene where we will be talking on the top 10 richest gospel musicians in Nigeria this year 2018/2019and as well their net worth. Though there have been intense deliberations on who is the richest Nigerian gospel artist… in order to bring down this confusion on who is the richest, we decided to go on research and intervene on this topic so as to help clear the air.

What is Gospel Music ?

According to Wikipedia, “Gospel music is a genre of Christian music. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of gospel music varies according to culture and social context. Gospel Music is a type of Music that is composed and performed for several purposes, but the important reasons include aesthetic pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes, and as an entertainment product for the marketplace. Our target on this piece is to reveal the top 10 richest gospel musicians in Nigeria for the year 2018/2019 accompanied and their respective net worth”.

When it comes to gospel music, it has become a popular genre in Nigerian over the years due to the pace in which people are giving their life to Christ. In the world today and most especially Nigerian based on my point of focus today they actually prefer to listen to gospel music certainly because they find it appealing as it helps them stay connected to Christ all the time.

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From observation and findings, it was observed that persons who had gave up their life to Christ and truly chosen the way of God, always at all times wants to listen to gospel music due to their religious belief of the communication/closeness it brings between them and God.

Yes, there is reward in serving God which is the reason behind why most gospel musicians in Nigeria has archived success in their music carrier joining the list of the richest musicians in Africa.

There are also some popular Nigerian gospel artist who have actually dominated the gospel industry in the recent times… these persons are not only famous in Nigeria but they are also known in Africa and as well abroad

Gospel music as a genre on its own, is a very unique one indeed and it is not meant for everybody. You cannot fit into gospel music if you are not your calling or destiny because it has to do with mutual and spiritual relationship with God. It is like an inbuilt trait that can’t be learned but a divine gift that comes from God.

There are so many person names not mentioned here who have tried to be switch into gospel artist but did never work. They actually fall certainly because they also do not have the flair and they have all moved to other genre of music.

Though not all gospel musician is that popular here in Nigeria but from our research we have been able to identify 10 of these Nigerian gospel musicians and finest praise singers who can come in competition with the best gospel artist in the world. These artists are not just the richest but they are also gifted…. they can sing gospel songs in different languages. The ranking of the richest gospel musician focused in the following parameters.

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  1. Sales on iTunes
  2. Media reports
  3. Income from shows and tours
  4. Endorsement deals
  5. Artist having his/her own label or signed to a label

List of top 10 Richest Gospel Musician in Nigeria Today

  1. Sammie Okposo
  2. Frank Edwards
  3. Nikki Laoye
  4. Sinach
  5. Lara George
  6. SamSong
  7. Eben
  8. Gozie and Njideka Okeke
  9. Tope Alabi
  10. Yinka Ayefele

we shall then begin to look at them i turns below here.

Sammie Okposo Net Worth| $75o,000

Sammie okposio who hails from delta state Nigeria is a very popular and as well has achieved multiple award as a Nigerian gospel artist.

Sam is a music producer, a psalmist, an entertainment consultant and as well the CEO of zamar entertainment. Sammie is regarded as the richest among the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria today.

Sammie Okposio was born in delta state and started his music carrier journey in the year 1995. Sam got his hard earned money from live performances in gospel shows, albums or singles and as well music productions.

Frank Edwards Net Worth| $60o,000

Born Frank Ugochukwu Edwards better known as Frank Edwards, is considered as the current Hottest Gospel rock artiste in Nigeria today and he is occupying the second runner on SunNews list. He is reigning gospel artist in Nigeria currently and a member of the popular Christ Embassy, one of the largest churches in Nigeria. Frank Edwards is the most popular, hardworking and humble gospel artiste in Nigeria today who has worked with best gospel artist in the world including Don Moen . This young man is a talented instrumentalist with many hit songs to his credit. He has numerous songs that are doing very well like

  • Changing Lives
  • Mma Mma
  • Ezeligwe
  • Omema and many others not mentioned here

This top gospel artist earns his money from live performance in gospel shows, endorsement deals, and album sales. Frank Edwards is one of the top 10 richest gospel musicians in Nigeria

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Nikki Laoye Net Worth| $45o,000

The third richest gospel artiste in Nigeria is Oyenike Laoye-Oturu, professionally known as Nikki Laoye, she has secured this position with a net worth of $450,000. Nikki Laoye is one of the most famous gospel artiste who is well recognized on American entertainment channel, BET in 2009. The beauty and brain lady is a Nigerian recording artist, singer, songwriter, dancer and occasional actress, renowned for her eclectic musical expressions and captivating stage performances. She has performed on stage with American top gospel artiste Kirk Franklin. She has won several awards and earned several nominations with her beautiful songs as well too.

She has got several awards including The Headies Award in 2013 for Best Female Vocal Performance and the All African Music Awards (AFRIMA) in 2014 for Best Female Artiste in African Inspirational. In conclusion, she earns her money from live performance in gospel shows, and album sales

Sinach Net Worth| $42o,000

We cannot make this list without mentioning Sinach. She is Born Osinachi Kalu but widely known by her stage name Sinach, she is a Nigerian gospel musician who is well known for many hit songs. She is one of the most industrious Nigerian gospel musician who has released over ten albums and won many awards. She is one of the richest Nigerian gospel musician and she has also amassed a lot of wealth for herself with the help of her lucrative music career. Sinach is a senior worship leader at Believers Love world and known globally for several gospel hits songs and signed to Love World Records. She got married to Christ Embassy’s Pastor Joseph Egbu on June 28, 2014.

Among her popular hit songs are:

  1. Way Maker
  2. I Know Who I Am
  3. Great Are you Lord and many others

This top gospel artist earns her money from live performance in gospel shows, endorsement deals, and album sales.

Lara George Net Worth| $400,000

Lara George is one of the most respected Nigerian gospel artiste. She is a top Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter and producer. In 2008 Lara George released her first single “Ijoba Orun” under her first album titled “Forever in My Heart” the song became an instant hit. The song was well-received and also got massive airplay’s, making her one of the A-List gospel artiste in Nigeria till date. Her songs are always played on top 10 Sunday vibes in many Nigerian radio stations.

SamSong Net Worth: $37o,000

Samson Uche Mogekwu was born in Delta State, Nigeria. He is a top musician who is popularly known as SamSong. He discovered his talent for singing during his high school days where he was moniker SamSong.

Samsong is a rich Nigerian gospel artist who is based in Abuja, Nigeria. He attended college, and majored in Accounting. In the year 1991, he formed a quartet known as Praise Creation. He initially started as a banker before he ventured into gospel music because of his great passion for singing.

His break-through came when he released his hit track ‘Bianule’, a song which brought him into the front seat of the gospel music in Nigeria. He is currently signed to Ivory Music Label. He earns his money from live performance in gospel shows, and album sales.

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Eben Net Worth: $35o,000

Eben is one of Nigeria’s most prominent gospel artists. Eben came to national prominence with his hit track “Imarawa”.Eben joins the rich list claiming the seventhposition on the list of richest gospel artist in Nigeria. The Gospel artist earns his money from live performance in gospel shows, album sales, and music productionThe gospel artist earns his money from live performance in gospel shows and album sales.

Gozie and Njideka Okeke Net Worth| $320,000

The gospel singing duo is the most popular gospel musician in Nigeria who are well known for their hit track ‘Akanchawa’ which became like a national anthem song to many gospel music lovers. It is a financial breakthrough song which is a number choice for Businessmen and women. They are one of the most successful gospel musician in Nigeria who has sold out millions of album copies and performed in many gospel liveshow.

Tope Alabi Net Worth: $30o,000

Tope Alabi (arguably the most prominent Yoruba language gospel artist in Nigeria) is a gospel singer, film music composer, and actress. She is a gospel musician and a movie track composer who releasedher first album Ore ti o Common in 2001 that launched her into limelight.

Her other albums are:

  • Iwe Eri, Agbara Re Ni
  • Agbara Olorun
  • Angeli MI
  • Kokoro Igbala
  • kabiosi
  • agbelebu
  • Alagbara
  • Agbelebu and many others. If you are a lover of Yoruba gospel music, this is one gospel artist whose voice you can’t help but love is meant for you!!!!

She is also an actress, featuring in a host of Yoruba films. Tope Alabi earns her money from Yoruba movie soundtrack production, gospel concerts and shows, album sales and endorsement deals.

Yinka Ayefele Net Worth: $27o,000

Yinka Ayefele is a rich Nigerian music producer and gospelsinger. He is the only gospel artist to have received a national award (he was conferred with Member ofthe Order of the Nigeria, MON).

Ayefele began his music career in 1997 after he was involved in a serious motor accident which damaged his spinal cord and confined him to a wheelchair.

Ayefele released his first album (Bitter Experience) in 1998 and this album brought him into the limelight. Ayefeleearns money from liveshows and gospel concert, social functions, album sales and endorsement deals.

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