Richest Women in Nigeria 2018/2019 ¶ 5 Richest Nija Woman

Top 5 Richest Women in Nigeria 2018/2019 | Richest Nigerian Woman

Folorunso is rated as the richest woman among the richest women in nigeria today she is a Nigerian billionaire and businesswoman, she is among on of the richest African women, and one of the richest black women in the whole wide world. In 2014, she temporarily unseated Oprah Winfrey as the richest woman of African descent in the world. She is involved in the fashion, oil and printing industries.
Full name: Folorunso Alakija
Born: 15 July 1951
Age: 67 years
Place of birth: Ikorodu
Net worth: 1.7 billion USD (2018)
Spouse: Modupe Alakija (m. 1976)
Children: Rotimi Alakija
Books: Fashion: The African Connection
Siblings: Hakeem Ogbara, Doyin Ogbara

Gone are those days where by women are relegated and limited to doing household chores and been present all time in the kitchen all in the name of been regarded as wives and Kettering for the children only as their responsibilities. As it stands today, women are more than homemakers! they have also become money makers as well too (The Richest Woman in Nigeria 2018)

Well you will not argue with me here as it is no longer a news in the ear that the richest women in Nigeria today are real entertainers, politicians and as well business women too. In this publication today, we are going to dig in into those richest women here. We are going to disclose to you the richest woman by hierarchy and everything you need to know about the female Nigerian billionaire.

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There are lot of wealthy women in Nigeria today who have shown to compete with the richest men in Nigeria and as well Africa at large. Never the less as I have said before, we will be sharing with you the top 10 richest women in Nigeria 2018/2019. These women that made this list have proved that a woman too can be influential and outstanding just like their men counterparts. Many of these rich women are far richer and wealthier than many male billionaires in Nigeria. We are going to be disclosing details about How they become more successful than other people in Africa, their assets, net worth and as well experiences they have encountered in life.

As I speak to you, there are lot of women whose wealth surpass many of the influential men we got in Nigeria. These type of women are popularly known to be business moguls, chief executives (CEO’s) and as well financial experts. They have made their way to have equal right with men which is accumulated through various means.

However, the ranking of these notable wealthy Nigerian women that are in this list are based but not limited to the following factors.

  1. The value of the shares they hold in several companies
  2. What the size and market of their shares are in those companies
  3. The number of companies or business establishments owned by these individuals and the monetary value of those companies
  4. The market value of the brand of their companies and
  5. What the impact of their companies is on the Nigerian economy.

Who Is The Richest Woman in Nigeria 2018 ?

1. Folorunsho Alakija

This woman hook to her title the richest woman in Nigeria for years now and has also bag the title of the top second richest female/woman in the whole Africa. The bulkiness of her blessed wealth came from her oil company named FAMFA oil The company is involved in oil and gas production and exploration. The company is said to worth more than $600 million.

According to Forbes she is the current richest woman in Nigeria and as well emerges the second (2nd) wealthiest woman in Africa like I have mentioned before above.

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Based on research gotten from her biography, she never attended any tertiary institution. That was never an obstacle for her to emerges the richest woman in Nigeria. Alakija is 67 years old today as the time of writing this publication. The source of her wealth majorly spring up from the oil industry. She is also involved in fashion designing business which she studied in the United Kingdom before establishing her fashion company in Nigeria.

Folorunsho A. studied fashion design at American college London United Kingdom and central school of fashion, she then later returned back to Nigeria to establish her own self. Mrs Alakaji was once the former secretary of international bank of Nigeria in the year 70s though no longer functioning (defunct). this great woman who is a well-known business tycoon and entrepreneur is also in the printing business. She overtook Oprah Winfrey as the richest woman in the world in the year 2014. She legally married in 1976 and she is blessed with kids. She is now the richest black woman in the world since 2014.

2. Hajia Bola Shagaya

Hajia Bola Shagaya is the second richest billionaire in Nigeria as at 2017 and the 4th richest woman in Africa. Hajia Bola Shagaya is not just a wealthy woman but also one of the most influential wealthy business woman from Nigeria. She was born in 1959 in Ilorin, Kwara. She started her career at audit department of the Central Bank of Nigeria. She dived into business many years ago when she introduced photographic materials of the Konica brand to Nigeria . Now she is a director of Practical Limited – one of the largest oil companies in Nigeria. This Nigerian billionaire has interest in many top Nigerian companies as majority of her wealth comes from oil sector. She also has several landed properties both here in Nigeria, the United States, United Kingdoms etc.

Hajia Bola Shagaya is the CEO of Bolmus Group International which is just one of her numerous companies. Her company is highly diversified and they are involved in several aspects of the Nigerian economy. Aside being the Chief Executive Organization of Bolmus Group International, she is also a board member of Unity Bank Plc. Her company has interest in banking, real estate and oil. She is also involved in photography and communication but a large percentage of her wealth comes from oil and gas, while the other businesses dealing she is involved in are just supportive. She has successfully built a lot of houses in all corners of Nigeria and also has properties in foreign countries, like the United States and the United Kingdom.

3. Fifi Ejindu

The name Fifi Ejindu might not ring a bell but the woman is worth over $600 million as of today. She is one of the richest women in Nigeria and Africa and has won her place on the list of top 7 richest women in Nigeria as of today. Fifi made her money from oil and gas, building construction and real estates.

Fifi Ejindu is the great grand-daughter of a king in Calabar, King Ekpo Bassey of Cobham town in Calabar, Nigeria. Fifi attended Pratt Institutes in the United States and graduated as an architect. She started her own company Starcrest Group of Companies, the company is involved in oil and gas, real estates and building construction. Fifi Ejindu’s conglomerate grew into an empire worth millions of dollars and this made her one of the richest women in Nigeria.

4. Hajiya Dr. Mariya Dantata

She is one of the secrete billionaire in Nigeria today but people doesn’t know her because of her low-key lifestyle. She is actually very quiet and humble despite her wealth which is why many people are never aware of her riches and influence in Nigeria. Talking about those female billionaire in Nigeria that is not popular , she is one of them . She is one of the richest women in Nigeria today. Although, Forbes ranking didn’t put her in the list of top 10 richest women in Africa. She is the fourth richest woman in Nigeria today and the mother African richest man Aliko Dangote. Despite her old age she is still very relevant because she still strive to retain her place among the iron ladies that got a lot of money in their bank account.

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Hajiya Dr. Mariya Dantata is from the family of riches where no body is poor, She is not just rich; she is also involved in philanthropy which is one reason she is widely loved. She gives out huge amount to the needy and she remain quiet about it, she never reveal her philanthropy activities to the public unless she is compelled to do so . Like other people who their source of wealth can’t be traced , Mariya Dantata has a genuine source of income as she made her money through several legal business engagements.

5. Dr. Stella Okoli

Dr. Stella Okoli is the fourth richest woman in Nigeria on the list of our Top 8 Richest women in Nigeria. She is worth over $500 million as of today. This Nigerian billionaire is the founder of Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited; this company has produced over 30 drugs that are consumed both in Nigeria and Africa today.

Dr. Stella Okoli is one of the unrivaled women entrepreneurs today and she worked her way into the position. She has a drive to make health care available and affordable to Nigerians today, and she can be said to have achieved her goal because Emzor Paracetamol is one of the cheapest and well-consumed drugs among the masses today in Nigeria and beyond.

Dr. Stella Okoli’s worth has been recognized in Nigeria because she not only made wealth but has helped to provide health care in Nigeria that is important to our development as a nation. She received two honors for her worth in 2014. One was given by our formal president Goodluck Jonathan and the other was given by ECOWAS. She received the award for the Member Of Order in Nigeria and also ECOWAS international Gold Award.

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