Visa Lottery Application Form & Guide ongoing – Apply here

Visa Lottery Application Form and Guide currently going on now – click here to apply

visa lottery ↔ I still cannot believe that so many persons are still faced with the issue of getting the genuine information about the ongoing visa-lottery application process going on in the world! Because this reason I took time to write this publication about the visa lottery application form that is on and as well how you can actually apply for the visa-lottery in Canada, Australia and the United states.. so many persons seeks the visa lottery to live, work and

as well study most especially for those who wants to further their studies.Firstly, be informed that the necessity of the America visalottery is to grant an opportunity to individual to register and as well apply also for visa and if eventually picked in the course of selection, to migrate to their various dream country, then they will be entitle to live and work there.

Regardless of your current marital status be it Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed, Separated, and some others, you can still apply for the Visa-Lottery. The registration and application for Visa is done every year and all applicants can register and apply online for their Visa-Lottery.


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In addition, be informed that there are different kinds of visa application in which you can apply for irrespective of the current ongoing visa-lottery. This actually depends on the country and as well the mission of you applying as an individual in such country… Therefore this publication on how to apply for visalottery this year will center on few countries such who are offering these free visa lotteries.

Types of VISA issued by most countries are as follows

Below i have listed the various types of visa lottery that actually exist and been issued by various most countries and they are as follows:

  1. Tourist visa
  2. Visitor visa
  3. Pilgrimage visa
  4. Diplomat visa
  5. Transit visa
  6. Farm worker visa
  7. Study visa
  8. Skilled worker visa
  9. Business Visa

How often is the Visa-Lottery application form comes out

The total registration for visa-lottery is actually done annually {every year} and all interested applicants can go for the registration process and apply for it online for their visa.

In addition to the above there various countries in which one can apply for a visa-lottery to, but as I have stated earlier in this publication, we will be centering on United State of America Visa Lottery and Canada Visa Lottery…

Who can apply for the ongoing Visa Lottery?

This question many person wonder and ask about. On who can actually apply for the visa application form… Well I am here to let you know that the visa-lottery application form can welcome for both those who are single, married, widowed, and even divorced. Be informed that not all countries are eligible to apply for visa lottery for the year… There some list of countries that have been barred from applying the visa lottery you can as well check if your country is listed among them HERE now before you proceed to the application portal…

How to Apply for American Visa Lottery Application Form

The united state of America visalottery application form is done every year which is annually and anyone who is eligible can apply the link below to start his or her application here now! In the same way if your country is not eligible to apply, then it simply means that you can not apply for the visa.

Well I will strongly advice you if you are about to apply, to contact the America embassy in your country to first verify if there is visa lottery application for your country or you can also simply visit the official link for any other additional information that you may need.

The America visa is generally also known as the GREEN CARD which is usually being offered by the united state department of states to all qualifying applicants… Those who are selected through the Green Card Lottery program will receive a Green Card and would be able to move over to the United States with their family permanently to live, study and work.

How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery for this year

Canada makes provision of different visa applications to applicants and immigrants seeking to gain visa and migrate into the country Canada. In addition to this, there is availability of work permits visa for those persons who wishes and intending to migrate to the country for study. You can as well check the link below on the best methods in applying for the Canadian visa lottery for this year..

How to Apply for Australian Visa Lottery

For those who wish to travel to Australia, I think this part is strictly for you in which you can either work or study in Australia. Australia has got an official url {website} for all intending immigrants and people who are willing to travel down to this country… For all interested persons, please use this link below to access all issues pertaining Australian Visa Lottery.

I do hope this information and publication on the America visa lottery, Canadian visa lottery and as well Australia visa lottery will help successfully apply for the ongoing application of the above listed countries.

If you need us we the sunnews to help you with authentic information at the right time about the current ongoing Visa Lottery Application Form you can simply provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question any time as I have said before.

Pleased be informed that you can use the comment box below to share your point of views, complains and as well question…. Don’t forget to share this publication to your friends on social media like facebook, twitter etc so as to help them get informed about the visa application.

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