Valentine’s day Shocking Gift Ideas for Him or Her ⇑ February 14

Valentine’s day Shocking Gift Ideas for Him or Her ⇑ February 14

Valentines day season is here again where everyone is going crazy just trying to get something special for that special person in their life. Most especially from the female to the guys’ folks. Lols! well in this article today, I will be showing you hidden secret you don’t know in this valentine season which you can use to blow up his/her mind and making him/her to love you more and more and never want to live you for any reason. The ten laid down idea comprises of mind blowing valentine messages for him/her, affordable mind blowing gift for him/her and finally mind blowing location ideas for you both this valentine season.

Firstly, I will reveal to you shocking things you do not know about the romantic and liturgical celebration popularly known as Valentine’s Day, you will also know in this publication, the origin of valentine day, the date it’s being celebrated as well too.

Valentine’s day which is also known as saint valentine’s day or the feast of saint valentine, is an annual holiday which been celebrated in the month of February 14th. It was actually originated as western Christian feast day which signifies the honoring of one or more early saints which is named Valentinus.

Valentine day is now recognized as a notable cultural, religious and as well commercial celebration of romance in many regions and cities around the world. Though it not a public holiday in any country yet. It is observed that this period, people sends greetings cards and gifts to their loved ones. People also make a date and there is also observation of church service been held among the Christian body.

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The most common valentine’s day symbols and signs is always noted by the heart, it is significantly noted in red and as well pink colors. And pictures and models of cupid. The cupid is mostly portrayed as a lil winged figure alongside with a bow and arrow.

Best 10 Romantic Mind Blowing Happy Valentine’s Day Messages

  • You’re there for me when I need tender encouragement, a romantic escape, and a lasting embrace. Happy Valentine’s Day to my comforter, my lover, and my best friend. ·
  • If I were a boy band, I could sing this in perfect four-part harmony. Baby, I love you! ·
  • Don’t forget our date tonight. Just because you’re my wife, don’t think I’m not still just a little bit nervous.
  • It’s amazing how we found one another so easily. Be my lover forever.
  • Your mind fascinates me! Your spirit inspires me! And your body tantalizes me. Happy Valentine’s Day, love, and thank you for satisfying me in so many ways!
  • Am I glad I married you? Every. Single. Day. Your loving wife. ·
  • My Hand inside your hand, cheek 2 cheek, and as well face to face, this is how I want to spend my whole Valentine’s day with you baby boo!
  • Every night I think of you. Can’t wait till I get to see you again.
  • You own my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day to the person who keeps me alive.
  • Take this moment to know you are loved. Wishes come true.·

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Best Mind Blowing Gift for Him or Her


Yes Saying it with flowers is one of the most classic way of happily celebrating Valentine’s Day, and from Freddie’s Flowers (above) to Bloom and Wild, there are plenty of brilliant online florists to order from and be delivered to your door step right way we can also help you with the best kind of flower ideas by contacting us via the contact-us page…


Marks & Spencer can always be relied on for Valentine’s gifts, and its heart- shaped chocolate in addition you can go for any best color of your choice. If you want to give chocolate with a personal touch, why not have a bash at one of the top cities shopping-mall highly recommended for you.


Be it you are buying for him or her, booze is an easy and usually very welcome present for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a brief selection of tipples to go for…

A bottle of fizz or decent wine will hit the spot on February 14 or if you are looking for something that is a little bit different, then try Freya birch spirit, an alternative to vodka and gin that takes its name from the Norse Goddess of love and fertility. Perfect for Valentine’s in other words.


Are you thinking of shopping for her or him, and are keen to push the boat out, take a look at the gorgeous range of jewelry from one of our top outlets here, including the Gold Ruby Vine bracelet (above) and Dusty diamond rings and as well glittering Valentine’s collection on sale here?


All guy needs to keep his beard in check & this great tool will help him do just that. this will actually blow up his mid to the pick of loving you more.

Best Mind Blowing Location in this Valentine’s day

  1. The Hollywood Roosevelt’s Love →is available through the end of February. even as you Kiss your Valentine in the sky during a private 30-minute helicopter ride over the City of Angels. And then catch fun in an in-room dinner complete with a butler. damn OMG
  2. Mr. C Beverly Hills.This package is also available through the end of the month of February which includes all that you will be needing just for an impressive Valentine’s Day gift–a plush suite, bottle of champagne, rose petals on the bed, a good romantic bath, and as well breakfast for two. and many more?
  3. The Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles hotel→ is also a nice and wonderful place to impress your love once this valentine enjoys good music video and a beautiful setting, live music, and a full buffet set the scene for a memorable night in this February 14.
  4. Sofitel Los Angeles. → At Sofitel hotel, you will enjoy toasting the night with the aptly named Love Potion cocktail, a yummy blend of vodka, raspberry puree, and chocolate coulis. Complement dinner with a couple’s massage. You can also celebrate with chocolate covered strawberries and as well champagne.

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