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I have seen a lot of persons who have wondered how to download latest music’s and videos online, games and many types of applications for free without any form of subscription or there about. There are cases where some can even be mis-led into a wrong platform where they cannot be able to download their preferred audio or video file. Why wait any longer?

The wapdam portal provides a solution to all types of mobile content downloads for free…. So this is why I have sat down to make this publication on how you can download preferred music audio and video on wapdam here.

In this article today I will be telling you all that you need to know about the wapdam.com, wapdam download, wapdam android how you can successfully download all preferred wapdam videos and wapdam audios… so all I actually want you to do right now is to sit down and carefully read the step by step instruction and procedures I have giving below so as to enable you attain this….

The wapdam is an easy to use domain interface which took a resemblance of the waptrick. In which its primary aim is to gain access to different and thousand tons of files which ranges from mp3 music, audio and videos, wapdam games, wapdam themes, a quick wapdam search bar and as well all kind of applications.. Hello!!! Bro I bet you if you are on this platform you can download all kind of phone related content for free here…

The wapdam platform has got everything in store for its daily visiting users so as to bring satisfactory to their demands or request ranging from games, themes, music downloads,  mobile applications, and mp3 and as well many more….

From the wapdam platform you can freely choose from the verity of languages a preferred language.. This is a bonus and advantage to those or countries who does not speak English languages just like the waptrick.com, sefan.ru and many others like this publication as it main chief reason is for the download of latest cool-stuffs online..

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If you are a strong fan of awesome movies, music and games, then, I am glad to tell you that this domain is always yours to explore forever as you so wishes… Please remember that this site is free and do not require any monthly subscription for you to be able to gain access to the download portal.


The wapdam extra feature features song lyrics archive which in turn enables users who visits to search lyrics of their preferred and ideal songs using a search engine widget on the website. This search engine simply gives room to users to search for lyrics by sorting it from search results. Here all users are expected to input the keyword of the search option..


Below in have listed all the wapdam exploration section to expect on www.wapdam.com and these are as follows:

  1. Horoscope
  2. Photo gallery
  3. Themes
  4. Games
  5. Song lyrics
  6. Animations application
  7. Live wallpapers
  8. Dropant play online
  9. Updates
  10. Photos and pictures
  11. Sound effects


This platform section has really given hype to the download of media files very easy In the sense that you can download different media files such as the audio and video files and as well mp3 music files too with a snip of a finger without stress at all because it has already been converted into mp3 format as at the time of upload and this now makes it easy for you or anyone to download on his or her mobile devices.

On wapdam downloads, you are eligible to download all kind of songs from the following categories and which are as follows:

  • Pops
  • South African gospels
  • South African kwaito
  • South African house

By login-in to www.wapdam.com via your device, you can download at your choice any stuff by simply navigating and clicking any on preferred category. For example, “music” and then chose the type of music you want to download on this category. This process applies to all other process categories.

The wapdam video section is not in any way left out too as there are lot of video (mp4 clips) that you can choose from to download on this platform. You can download types of videos ranging from music videos, films, short video skits which comes in different formats and as well many more..


Downloading your favorite games from wapdam portal is very easy and as well free to do so… bros if you think it is not easy to download any preferred application games online then I will challenge you to give a try to wapdam games downloads and see the shocking outcome in which I am so sure you will definitely give it a recommendation to others who got the same issue like yours. It always an easy to do something when you know the right place to download your stuffs online like the wapdam.

Now that I have exposed where you can easily download your favorite games online, I think it is then an high time I also show you how you can as well download these games from this place.. Below, I have given you a step by step procedure which will guide you through the download process now..

  1. Go to your computer set, and lunch your browser to input the following URL www.wapdam.com via the address search bar.
  2. Surf through the homepage and the click on the game section
  • On the new page you are to select your preferred category
  1. Choose a preferred game from the drop down list and then click on it
  2. The information of the file the displays for you to see e.g. the size of the game file and whether if yes or no it is compact-able with your kind of device
  3. Click the numbers that are arranged in order of blue boxes : it’s done serially
  • Punch the down arrow icon to begin your download
  • Finally click on “ proceed to download game”


To download free video on wapdam, simply just follow the guideline I have also listed below here to guide you through the download process..

  1. Lunch your browser to input the following URL wapdam.com via the address search bar.
  2. Click on the third menu just immediately after the music menu so as to load up the categories
  3. Then select the preferred category, which the video file is contained in. NOTE: that you can as well select music clip too
  4. Select the final category and clip from this section
  5. Click on the preferred quality you want and then start downloading while you wait for your downloading file to be ready for you…

I am so sure this article finds you well and you can at anytime use the comment box below to share your views and complains. Don’t forget you can always use any of the share buttons to share this article with your friends on social media platform. Thank you.

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